Cooperative Education Program is an interdisciplinary professional types. (Interdisciplinary) focuses on the production and development of knowledge. Proficiency in terms of

1) the management of two cooperative education

2) professional development for students through cooperative education, and

3) research to solve problems and create new knowledge. The Cooperative Education The response to the competition in the production of quality graduates in the future.

Master of cooperative education course Cooperative education philosophy and curriculum The aim is to produce and develop the essential features six pillars.

1. Moral and professional ethics. Conduct by retaining good accuracy by a system of morality, ethics and professional conduct both personal and collective.
2. Terms of knowledge and understanding and bring knowledge to the hallmarks of effective practice clearly has introduced another. Always pursuing knowledge and Foods can learn by themselves.
3. Thinking skills, intellectual property Council against Council against and solve problems and to engage in Jihad Beach with change.
4. The interpersonal skills. The tasks and responsibilities of Can work as a team By showing leadership was apparent. Vision is far-reaching Coordination with other agencies and individuals. Public self-awareness and social organizations and local authorities.
5. Skills in numerical analysis. Research in basic communication and information technology. Can understand The results of research and technology. For practice Development Learn to communicate, exchange knowledge and to develop cooperative education authority.
6. Further research to academic progress. Acquiring new knowledge And promoting innovation is a cornerstone of current solutions. Cooperative education and development to improve efficiency and effectiveness.